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Throughout the summer months, Dickinson PD officers will be traveling with the Kona Ice© truck to day cares and neighborhoods throughout Dickinson.

ST. ANTHONY, Idaho — An Idaho police department received a new K-9 thanks to “CHiPs” star Erik Estrada.

DALLAS, Texas — Fifty-seven individuals, who are connected to various white supremacist gangs have been charged in a case led by the Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Divisi

What's Up in Texas

The governor asked Farenthold to reimburse the taxpayers in the counties he represents in the 27th Congressional District for the estimated $84,000 it will cost to conduct a special election to rep

COLDSPRING, Texas: San Jacinto County Judge, John Lovett, has been indicted, charged, and arrested on a felony burglary of a County Clerk Dawn Wright’s office.

COLDSPRING, TX: Stephen Conroy Watson, Publisher/Owner of The Sentinel Alert and registered sex offender, was arrested on 3 felony indictments with a total of 7 counts for retaliation against a pub

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Tammie Jo Shults flew F/A-18 Hornets for the Navy.

When we went to Columbia University for our video series, we asked students if Planned Parenthood should fund female genital mutilation. The overwhelming response was yes.

The organization’s leader said she regretted that Michelle Wolf’s routine may end up defining an evening that was designed to rally around journalism.

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Government Shutdown. Let’s think about that for a moment.

These Dam Kids

“Listen closely, children,” He said.

One day a numerous amount of brainless flies were lured to a pot of sap. The sap had been spilled into a sticky, icky, mess inside of a housekeepers tidy room.

The slightest bit of periwinkle hinted out from a breathtaking orange, pink, and purple sky as the clock chimed six.