The Girl Who Felt Alone

Once upon a time, the exact opposite of this story... You probaby thought this was a cute, happy story, written by a ten year old. Well it is not. It is a sad story with a little happy-ish ending, written by a ten year old.

Anyway, this story starts off with a girl around the age of sixteen. Her name is Jenny. Her mom died when she was four and her dad, on the other hand, is in the Navy, though she does not know if he is alive or not. They say it is “confidential”. But I think we all know what that means. She has no friends and someitmes poeple call her “zombie girl” because she seems so lifeless. One day at school she dropped her books and fell, because a guy walking by tripped her. What a jerk, right!? That same day she went home crying because she just felt lonely.

About a month later she heard a knock at her door. She went to the door, opened it and saw no one. No one at all. Then she looked down and saw a puppy who was almost dead. She felt so bad for it, so she took it into her house and used the last little bit of milk she had left to feed the dog. Then she bathed the dog and a few weeks later, the dog recovered.

Jenny loved the dog and the dog loved her. And she even got this feeling that told her she wasn’t alone.

Oh and how the dog knocked on the door? I can’t exaclty answer that. It is “confdiential”. ◆

The End