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The Dam Good Times has been a Texas tradition for 10 years! And although we print right here in the great state of Texas, our traditions for standing with our military, our patriotism, and our conservative values have made us a fan-favorite for subscribers and readers in 32 states! Even California!

One of our time-honored traditions has been The Dam Good Times Travels. People from all over the world and all walks of life have proudly held up our newspaper, taken a selfie, or had someone snap their photo like the movie star they are, and sent it in to us for our TDGT Travels section! Yes, our newspaper has travelled the WORLD! People have packed it away in their suitcases and whisked it off to places like Baghdad, Tasmania, London, Japan, Korea, Italy, Spain, France, Chile, Switzerland, and Austria just to name a few! TDGT has tubed down the Guadalupe, gone skydiving, bungee jumping, zip-lining in Costa Rica, and rafted down the Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend. It has travelled across the United States of America to states like Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and even California! And of course we have travelled all across the great state of Texas! TDGT has been to historical sites like the Luckenbach Post Office in Fredericksburg, The Alamo in El Paso, and Big Bend National Park!

Like most traditions, we must change with the times in order to grow! We have been sampling our on-line, digital newspaper for several months and the data shows us digital is indeed the future for all news, even The Dam Good Times. While change is no doubt going to be diffi cult for many of our readers, we must make the move to digital in order to continue providing you and our advertisers with the best value for your/their money! Via the internet, we have endless access to the hearts and minds and eyes of people around the world! Our writers will now be able to write a column and submit it at their whim and you will get the news faster, more effectively, and whenever YOU want! Our 32-page tabloid will still be loaded every month AND we now have a daily online paper! Your Dam Good Daily Dose is an aggregate of all of the news sources you fi nd most valuable; in one spot! That is DAM GOOD service right there!

So, it is with much prayer, mentorship, research, and comments from a sampling of our readers that we are saying farewell to print and HELLO to digital! This journey has been one full of change and growth; excitement and tears; blood, sweat, and broken bones. I would not change the experience for anything. Yes, many of us will definitely miss the feel of a newspaper in our hands and I will certainly miss the smell of tens of thousands of pages of paper filling up our van every month! I will miss seeing the faces at my printer and watching the press run with The Dam Good Times! I will miss (not really so much) being able to say, “HOLD THE PRESSES”, when a story breaks RIGHT AT PRINT TIME! I will miss our decade of traditions as I know many associated with our newspaper will! However, printing prices are rising and the internet is FREE! And, what we know for sure is with change comes growth and with growth comes new traditions!

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