“Listen closely, children,” He said.

“A poor traveller was making his way to Jericho…” And thus, the story began. A gang of robbers were hiding out, waiting for their next unfortunate prey to round the corner.

“Over there!” Shouted a rather short and plump criminal as he spotted an unsuspecting traveller. The man had a goofy smile and a happy hop in his step. The perfect target. The robbers hid and prepared to pounce. Then, once the innocent man was close enough, they attacked from all sides. They stole his bright clothes, kicked him down, and left him lying there barely alive. The jolly twinkle left his eyes, replaced by hopelessness.

But hope was restored when a priest rounded the corner! A wide smile once again appeared, fading just as quickly. The priest strolled by without a glance. The unfortunate man lie there for what felt to him like hours. Cold wind slapped his face and overthrew his lungs like salt in the wound. Would he ever see his family again? Would he die here alone?

But just when the last glimmer of hope nearly slipped away, a Levite came walking down the dirt path. Finally, someone who could help! The sun fell along with the traveller’s heart when he was passed over yet again with not so much as a short ‘God bless you.’ Does no one possess an ounce of compassion anymore?

The man lay in that same spot for hours unable to stand but also unable to sleep. The stars, once brighter than his eyes, now seemed to tease him, the trees laughed in his face. ‘Doom’ is the only word to describe what he was feeling.

“Crunch……CRUNCH.” This time the sound of footsteps did not phase him and he was not surprised when the Samaritan man passed him up. But wait! What’s that? A hand? Was a Samaritan, of all people, reaching out to help him? Utterly confused and equally grateful, he reached for the hand. Before he knew it, the traveller was bandaged up and sitting in a comfortable inn sipping coffee.

“The Samaritan even paid extra for him to be specially cared for! Who do think was truly good to the innocent traveller?”

I will forever remember Jesus’ lesson. You may wonder how I remember it so vividly. Well, as they say, my memory is as long as that of a tree. u