It's time for real limits on property tax growth!

I heard it at the door all over our district, from Galveston to Baytown and Winnie to La Marque, people are tired of runaway property taxes. Property taxes are nothing more than rent to the government for our own homes--and it is skyrocketing! As seen in the graph below, the rent we pay to government has become so punitive that I believe the system no longer respects the private property rights our founding fathers guaranteed in our Constitution.

Next session we have the opportunity to pass real ironclad limits on out of control property taxes, and Governor Abbott recently rolled out a plan to cap property tax growth at 2.5% per year (the tax rate plus the valuations are included in the cap). The cap ends the game of local taxing entities, especially cities, counties, and special purpose districts, claiming they have not raised your taxes because they have not increased the tax rate, when in fact they jacked up the valuations. Regardless of the cause, writing a bigger property tax check each year is a tax increase!

I’m excited to fight runway property taxes next session, and I will fight to pass the 2.5% tax cap plan proposed by Governor Abbott. It’s time for real limits, and it’s time for real property tax reform!

For Texas,