Parents do not ultimately get to decide the fate of their own children

I am saddened to learn of the death of Alfie Evans, whose illness and captivity in the UK drew the prayers and sympathy of millions across the civilized world.

Before the NHS removed Alfie’s life support over his parents’ wishes—and the wishes of other nations, the Pope, and people around the world—his doctors estimated he would survive for three minutes. He lived for five days, despite his doctors’ ardent refusals to provide oxygen, food, or water to him.

Despite underestimating Alfie by more than a factor of a thousand, the NHS saw fit to play God. The NHS refused to permit Italy to treat him at no cost. The NHS refused to release Alfie to die at home. The NHS even expelled the priest ministering to Alfie. The NHS and UK courts refused to release Alfie to the custody of his parents, claiming that it was in Alfie’s best interests to die. Alfie’s tragic situation, reflecting that of Charlie Gard last year, is becoming an all-too predictable consequence of socialized medicine, and the arrogance, imperiousness, and low regard for human life displayed by the bureaucrats who administer it.

My prayers are with the Evans family in this trying time, and all those in the UK who seek a better way of life. Our British cousins deserve better. Alfie deserved better. #AlfieEvans #AlfiesArmy u

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