Has hell really frozen over? Are people warming to Trump? Can North Korea really bend?

John Bolton said world leaders, such as the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, and French President, Emmanuel Macron, are giving President Donald Trump credit for bringing North Korea to the negotiating table. “I think people around the world have already given him credit for establishing the preconditions for this to happen in the first place. President Moon of South Korea, for example, has been very clear that but for the pressure, the economic pressure, the political, military pressure that President Trump has put on North Korea we would not be where we are today… I think the maximum pressure campaign the Trump administration has put on North Korea, along with the political, military pressure, has brought us to this point. I mentioned President Moon before... Just this past week President Macron of France, Chancellor Merkel of Germany, Prime Minister Abe of Japan, and this morning Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia, have all acknowledged that we are at this point because of American pressure. Relieving the pressure couldn’t make it easier, it could make it harder.”

At a campaign rally in Washington Township, Michigan a crowd of supporters started chanting “Nobel, Nobel, Nobel!” as the president talked about these accomplishments. Trump laughed and responded, “I just want to get the job done… strength is going to keep us out of nuclear war.”

In good ole’ Trump fashion, he continued mocking the “fake news” media critics who were on-the-air questioning whether he had anything to do with the successful peace developments; “I’ll tell you what, how about everything!”

Trump is resolute about his position and reinforced the fact that he is not about play games with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, despite the positive signs for peace; “We’ll see how it goes, and again, whatever happens, happens. I’m not going to be a John Kerry who made that horrible Iran deal,” said the President.

What we have all learned this past year is that this president is anything from traditional and that is what (most of) America loves about him. He shoots straight with leaders, both foreign and domestic, but most of all he shoots straight with America. He puts the good ole US of A first and everyone else second. #trumpthat u

Can we all really just give peace a chance? IS there a chance in hell?